DELUXE is a two day course for those who want to accelerate the learning process and in just two days achieve a high degree of beginner kite boarding skills. This is also a great opportunity for you to meet new people and to have surf buddies her in Denmark. On this course we kitesurfing from scratch and after the two days of intensive training, you will experience the full joy of kite surfing! DELUXE is an excellent choice if you want to become an independent beginner in kitesurfing. You should be able to go out on your own after this course.

You will be able to practice better you skills confidently on your own:

  • Observing the weather conditions accurately
  • setting up your kite
  • landing and launching your kite
  • surfing to both sides on the board
  • turning and small jumps
  • right-of-way when surfing (safety rules on the water)

Advantages of taking this course

  • free video with tutorials to help you advance faster
  • save big when buy equipment from us
  • save 50% on group training – worth 2400 kr.
  • discounts on our surf trip to Barbados
  • Greater chance of being certified
  • V.I.P. offers

No prior experience required to participate

DELUXE is a two-day course: 5 hrs. per day
    Day 1: All the basic theory and exercises on the board.
    • Meteorology – wind theory and observing the weather conditions
    • exercises with a trainer kite
    • setting up the kite
    • how the safety system works
    • handling a kite safely on the beach
    • Landing and launching the kite
    • body dragging - great fun
    • board-start and surfing on the board
    Day 2: Action on the water at its best!
    • Warm welcome and briefing of the day's program
    • Setting up the kites
    • Repetition from previous day – a little test
    • Warm up exercises with the kite
    • Continued exercises with the kite and board
    • Improving board start and surfing techniques
    • Surfing in both directions
    • Turning around  and changing direction without stopping
    At the end of the lesson we will sum up on how yo did and give you tips for the next step. Thank you and see you on the water! *** Get your course fee refunded when you buy equipment from us ***
    Kite Sjælland provides:
    • all kitesurfing equipment necessary during the lesson - wetsuits, neoprene boots, helmets, safety vests, harnesses and kites
    • Online material before course starts
    You are welcome to use your own if you have it.
      Students provide their own:
      • warm clothes, a wind breaker, a beanie, swim wear to have on under the wetsuit, e.g. bikini, swim shorts etc.
      • A towel, sunblock and sunglasses
      • Food and water
      • Good humour