BEGINNER is an action packed one-day course that gives you a solid introduction to kite surfing, and an intriguing insight into the techniques that are fundamental to becoming a good kitesurfer. The course is perfect to kick start your new hobby and meeting new friends in Copenhagen. On this course you will learn critical theory and techniques to be able to control the kite at a relatively high level for a beginner. Some of introduction takes place on the beach with a trainer kite where you learn the basic techniques of kite flying. Immediately after we head out into the water to fly a real kite. Most of the lesson is spent on the water. This is where the real fun begins. You will learn:

-       to land and launch the kite on the water.

-       body dragging – it’s so much fun!

-       how to board-start and surf on the board – very rewarding.

BEGINNER is tailor-made to give you a great learning experience without compromising your safety. You will have a fun and challenging day, full of action, excitement and valuable experience that will last for a long time.

No prior experience required to participate.

This course is also perfect if you have had lessons before but just want to brush up on your skills. We will find another student to match your skill level and pick up the teaching where you left off.


Order of the day

BEGINNER consists of 3 steps:
    Step 1 – Training on the beach. You will learn several things
    • Meteorology - observing and reading the weather
    • Choosing a good and safe kite spot
    • Exercises with a trainer kite
    • How the equipment works and how to use it
    • Setting up the kite
    • How the safety system works
    • Handling a kite safely on the beach
    Step 2 – On the water: exercises with a real kite. You will learn:
    • How to land and launch a kite
    • To re-launch the kite from the water
    • Triggering the safety system
    • Body-dragging (being dragged through the water with the kite - awesome!)
    • "Superman" body drag
    • How to board-start
    • Surfing on the board
    • Evaluation on your lesson
    • Tips for your next step!
    *** Get the course fee refunded when you buy equipment from us ***